Quiz: Dead by Daylight Lore | Killers

Do you know the dead by daylight lore? The most questions here are about the killer lore, especially the background of original killers.

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What is true about the nurse?

[2 correct answer(s)]

She killed her patients in good will to stop their suffering

She had a medical educational background

She became insane and killed her patients and colleagues

She was married

What is true about the clown?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He was a serial killer before the entity corrupted him

His parents both died in an accident when he was a child

He was afraid of clowns

As a child he was collecting feathers

The doctor worked in the crotus prenn asylum?

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What is true about the hillbilly?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He was an unwanted child

He had a mental disorder and tortured animals

He killed his parents

He was born into a poor family, who immigrated from romania

Which of these are true?

[2 correct answer(s)]

The entity feeds on hope of the survivors

Survivors will once become killers themselves

Survivors can escape from this world forever

The entities goal is to torture

Which killer is named 'Lisa Sherwood'?

[1 correct answer(s)]

The Hag

The Pig

The Huntress

The Nurse

What is the real name of the wraith?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Bob Banshee

Evan McMillen


Philip Ojomo

What is true about the doctor?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He had a mentor named Mr.Stamper

He was student of the harvard university

He has worked for the CIA

He has worked on a secret military project, where human experiments were conducted

Where does the hillbilly live?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Coldwind Farm

McMillen Farm

Autohaven Wreckers

McMillen Estate

What is true about Evan MacMillan (The trapper)?

[2 correct answer(s)]

Evan MacMillan has never killed someone before the entity corrupted him

In his childhood evan used trapps to catch and torture animals

Archie MacMillan was Evan's father

Evan MacMillan idolised his father

The Entity forces killers into performing acts of violence.

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What is true about the hag?

[2 correct answer(s)]

She was kidnapped by cannibals

She grew up in a big city and witnessed many horrible crimes

She has never killed someone before the entity corrupted her

She was kidnapped and sold by human traffickers

What is true about the huntress?

[2 correct answer(s)]

She was raised by her father, who taught her how to hunt

The mask she wears was a toy of the first little girl she encountered

She kidnapped little girls, because she wanted to have a daughter

Her mother died while protecting her from a wild animal

Who/What is the Entity?

[1 correct answer(s)]

A nameless evil

Claudette with flashlight

The first killer

An evil creature living in the sky

What was the purpose of the doctor's experiments?

[1 correct answer(s)]

He was insane and there was no real purpose, besides torture

He wanted to revive and control dead people with electricity

He searched for the panacea of mind control

He wanted to cure Alzheimer's disease

What is true about the wraith?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He witnessed a murder and killed his boss

He witnessed a murder and tried to report it to the police

He was an immigrant from africa

He worked on the coldwind farm

Which killer is known as 'Kenneth Chase'?

[1 correct answer(s)]

The wraith

The doctor

The clown

The trapper

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