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Some general questions about FF9 (focusing on the main story and characters). Hope they are not too specific, people who are fans and haven't played for a long time shall be able to have a great time. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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What happened in the Battle of Lindblum?

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Atomos was summoned and attacked the city

Lindblum has surrendered

Regent Cid was killed

The black mage army was not able to enter the city

The main protagonist of Final Fantasy 9 was a ...

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Who is Sir. Fratley?

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He is one of the royal guards of Queen Brahne

He is Freya's lover

He is a legendary shopkeeper

He is the king of Chocobos

The Cleyran people were originally Burmecians.

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What is true about Steiner?

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He leads the Knights of Pluto

He is a knight

He is the personal guard of Queen Brahne

His full name is Steiner Adel

What is the name of the planet, on which Final Fantasy 9 takes place?

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What is true about the Black Waltzes?

[2 correct answer(s)]

They are black mages

Their purpose was to retrieve a valuable crystal and kill Garnet

There were three of them

They are immortal

Whose alias is 'Dagger' and why?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Garnet takes the alias Dagger, inspired by Zidane's weapon

Garnet takes the alias Dagger, because she loves daggers

Zidane takes the alias Dagger, inspired by his own weapon

Zidane takes the alias Dagger, because of his battlespeed

Why does Freya left her home?

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To find the true meaning of life

To avenge the death of her husband

She was forced to leave by the elders

To search her lost love

Which city has been destroyed by Brahne's black mage army?

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What is Lindblum?

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A G.F. (Guardian Force)

The name of an airship

A city in the mist continent

A city in the inner continent

Quina is a female.

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At the beginning of the game the theater ship was shot down and crashed into a forest, what was the name of this forest?

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Dark Forest

Magdalene Forest

Dead Forest

Evil Forest

What is the full name of the main protagonist of Final Fantasy 9?

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Zidane Tribal

Zinedine Zidan

Zidane Dinez

Tiban Zinedine

Who destroyed Cleyra?

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What is true about Queen Brahne?

[2 correct answer(s)]

She is the ruler of Alexandria

She is older than 50 years

Her husband died

She is the mother of princess Garden

Which of these continents exist in Final Fantasy 9?

[2 correct answer(s)]

Mist Continent

Forgotten Continent

Inner Continent

Hidden Continent

What was protecting the city Cleyra from an attack?

[1 correct answer(s)]


A magic barrier


A sandstorm

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