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A quiz about survivors. Questions here can be generally about the topic: surviving in dead by daylight as a survivor and survivor specific. Note that some answers may change with future updates, but all in all I try to include answers, which should work with every update.

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Which survivor is known by the tag 'Mashtyx'?

[1 correct answer(s)]

David Tapp

Meg Thomas

Ace Visconti

Nea Karlsson

How many survivors were released for the core game?

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'Bond' is a personal perk from which survivor?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Claudette Morel

Dwight Fairfield

David King

Laurie Strode

Which survivor collects medical plants and herbs?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Claudette Morel

Meg Thomas

Dwight Fairfield


What is true about Claudette Morel?

[2 correct answer(s)]

She was always fascinated by flashlights

She lived in Montreal, Canada

She was an extroverted and joyful person

She was sharing her knowledge through an online forum

'Urban Evasion' is a personal perk from which survivor?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Nea Karlsson

Feng Min

Meg Thomas

Claudette Morel

At what level can the teachable perk 'Calm Heart' be learned?

[1 correct answer(s)]


This perk does not exist



Which ethnicity does Nea Karlsson have?

[1 correct answer(s)]





Who inspired Claudette Morel for science?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Her grandfather

A tv show

Her parents

Her high school teacher

What is true about Jake Park?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He had a brother

He dropped out of school because his mother died

His father was a strict army instructor

He wasn't the academic type

What is true about Dwight Fairfield?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He doesn't really need his glasses

He immigrated from UK to USA

He is a nervous leader

As a teen he was not one of the 'cool kids'

'He is one with nature and used to surviving by any makeshift way possible.' - which survivor is meant here?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Dwight Fairfield

Quentin Smith

Jake Park

David King

What teachable perk does Dwight Fairfield unlock at lvl 40?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Prove Thyself


We're Gonna Live Forever


Meg Thomas is Caucasian American.

[1 correct answer(s)]



For how long does a survivor need to hold down the lever on the switch box until the exit gate opens?

[1 correct answer(s)]

10 seconds

25 seconds

20 seconds

15 seconds

Which of these are personal perks of Claudette Morel?

[3 correct answer(s)]


Botany Knowledge


Medical knowledge



What is true about Meg Thomas?

[2 correct answer(s)]

Her father left her when she was a baby

Her mother died in an accident

She is 20 years old

The teachable version of adrenaline is unlocked at level 40

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