Quiz: Overwatch history 2

The second part of my overwatch lore and history quiz. Questions here are about general lore, some maps and some heroes.

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What is Roadhog's real name?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Jamison Fawkes

James Rutledge

Mako Rutledge

Marko Hoger

When you play on the map dorado, you see many decorations. Its a festival. What is celebrated?

[1 correct answer(s)]

The successfull defense of Eichenwalde

The discovery of a new technology, which improves life quality

The end of the omnic crisis

The successfull defense of Dorado vs. a thousand omnic wanderers

Which corporation promised to redevelop large tracts of Rio de Janeiro after the omnic crisis?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Vishkar Corporation

Volskaya Industries

Interstellar Industries

Lucheng Interstellar

What is true about Lucio?

[2 correct answer(s)]

He is a famous DJ from Argentina

He is 30 years old

He is a known celebrity

He grew up in Rio de Janeiro

Which character worked on a methodology for creating custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level?

[1 correct answer(s)]



Wrecking Ball


Why was Null Sector formed?

[1 correct answer(s)]

It was a secret omnic organization, which planned another omnic revolution

It was formed by humans, who were afraid of another omnic revolution

It was a human organization, which wanted equal rights for omnics

It was formed by omnics as a response to harsh treatment

The shimada clan was a criminal organization.

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On the map king's row there is a golden statue, who is this?

Question image

[1 correct answer(s)]

It's not a real character, its a symbol for peace

Its simply a piece of art, it has no meaning

The girl was the daughter of the mayor of london, she was saved by an omnic worker

It's the first omnic monk

What is true about the temple of anubis?

[1 correct answer(s)]

It hides the entrance to a research facility

Deep inside the temple the secrets of a powerful technology are hidden

It is a prison for a powerful terrorist, who was captured by overwatch

It is a valuable archaeological place and has no other secrets

In the map dorado, what is the payload and what is its purpose?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Its an atomic bomb and it must be stored safely

Its a fusion core and it is used to destroy a power plant

Its a fusion core and it is used to activate a power plant

Its an EMP bomb and it is used to deactivate a power plant

Who invented the sonic technology (used by Lucio)?

[1 correct answer(s)]

Omnica Corporation

Lucio's brother

Lucio's father

Vishkar Corporation



Who was this character?

Question image

[1 correct answer(s)]

A leader of the crusaders

An unknown crusader, who died in the omnic crisis

Reinhardt's brother

Reinhardt's father

Which organisation/group has this symbol?

Question image

[1 correct answer(s)]


Contra Omnic

Shimada Clan

Null Sector

What is true about Brigitte?

[2 correct answer(s)]

Torbjörn is her father

Reinhardt is her father

She is member of the Ironclad Guild

She was a member of Blackwatch

Who or what is the Iris?

[2 correct answer(s)]

It's the leader of shambali

The Iris is a special meditation technique, which enhances the positives energy and healing power

The Iris sees humans and machines as equals

It's an entity, in which omnic monks believe

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