Stats: Very Hard Canadian Geography Quiz

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Approximately how much of Canada's maple syrup is produced in Quebec? | (0.0%)

Which province produces 45% of all Canadian honey? | (0.0%)

Which province contains approximately half of all dairy farms in Canada? | (28.57%)

Which of the following provinces and territories does NOT contain part of the Canadian Shield? | (50.0%)

Which of the following provinces is NOT inhabited by polar bears? | (25.0%)

Which of the following cities is higher than 1,000m above sea level? | (60.0%)

What is the most populous island in Canada? | (60.0%)

How many provincial and territorial capitals are located on islands? | (60.0%)

Sable Island is a remote sand bank in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to the province of ________. | (33.33%)

What is the largest island in Canada? | (75.0%)

Approximately what percentage of Manitoba's surface area is covered by lakes? | (60.0%)

The salinity (saltiness) of the Hudson Bay is... | (50.0%)

The hottest air temperature recorded in Canada was 45°C, recorded in the province of ________. | (40.0%)

Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, is located in _________. | (50.0%)

The vast majority of Canadian wineries are located in which two provinces? | (40.0%)

Which of the following lakes is NOT shared between Canada and the United States? | (75.0%)

Which of the following islands is NOT inhabited by moose? | (0.0%)

At 1,600m above sea level, the highest municipality in Canada is _________. | (66.67%)

What kind(s) of bears inhabit Vancouver Island? | (33.33%)

What is the largest lake in Canada outside of the Great Lakes? | (66.67%)