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Users have answered 343 questions in total, of which 249 questions have been answered correctly. (72.59%)

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What profession/job had the female sole survivor before the great war? | (70.0%)

By what enemies is the sole survivor attacked when he meets dogmeat for the first time? | (94.12%)

What was the name of Kellogg's daughter? | (33.33%)

Kellogg's father was addicted to heroin | (76.47%)

How was the sole survivor able to escape the cryo-stasis? | (56.52%)

What is true about Vault 111? | (55.56%)

What is true about Mama Murphy? | (35.0%)

What is the name of Piper's newspaper? | (61.9%)

Piper likes it if you give Mama Murphy chems. | (89.47%)

What happened to Codsworth in Concord before the sole survivor woke up? | (72.22%)

What has Codsworth done during the first ten years after the great war? | (83.33%)

What is a way to attract Brahmins within the settlement? | (68.42%)

Brahmin are the only animals with two heads. | (95.24%)

Which animal is often found in company with a trader transporting goods? | (94.74%)

What place is called 'The Great Green Jewel'? | (100.0%)

Which countries were responsible for the nuclear destruction during the great war? | (42.11%)

In what vault does the sole survivor wake up and begin his journey? | (100.0%)

In what year does Fallout 4 take place? (Sole survivor leaves the vault) | (84.21%)