Stats: Dead by Daylight Lore | Survivors

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Users have answered 3572 questions in total, of which 2577 questions have been answered correctly. (72.14%)

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'Urban Evasion' is a personal perk from which survivor? | (98.54%)

Which survivor is known by the tag 'Mashtyx'? | (76.82%)

Which ethnicity does Nea Karlsson have? | (66.51%)

At what level can the teachable perk 'Calm Heart' be learned? | (79.53%)

What is true about Jake Park? | (38.57%)

'He is one with nature and used to surviving by any makeshift way possible.' - which survivor is meant here? | (89.1%)

What is true about Claudette Morel? | (68.63%)

Who inspired Claudette Morel for science? | (31.25%)

Which of these are personal perks of Claudette Morel? | (91.98%)

Which survivor collects medical plants and herbs? | (97.52%)

Meg Thomas is Caucasian American. | (80.84%)

What is true about Meg Thomas? | (38.46%)

What teachable perk does Dwight Fairfield unlock at lvl 40? | (60.75%)

What is true about Dwight Fairfield? | (84.47%)

'Bond' is a personal perk from which survivor? | (95.17%)

How many survivors were released for the core game? | (80.75%)

For how long does a survivor need to hold down the lever on the switch box until the exit gate opens? | (48.36%)