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The shimada clan was a criminal organization. | (100.0%)

What is true about Brigitte? | (100.0%)

Which character worked on a methodology for creating custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level? | (0.0%)

What is true about the temple of anubis? | (0.0%)

Who or what is the Iris? | (0.0%)

On the map king's row there is a golden statue, who is this? | (100.0%)

Why was Null Sector formed? | (0.0%)

Which organisation/group has this symbol? | (100.0%)

In the map dorado, what is the payload and what is its purpose? | (0.0%)

When you play on the map dorado, you see many decorations. Its a festival. What is celebrated? | (100.0%)

Who was this character? | (0.0%)

What is Roadhog's real name? | (0.0%)

Who invented the sonic technology (used by Lucio)? | (100.0%)

Which corporation promised to redevelop large tracts of Rio de Janeiro after the omnic crisis? | (0.0%)

What is true about Lucio? | (0%)