Stats: League of Legends Quiz 1

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Users have answered 665 questions in total, of which 504 questions have been answered correctly. (75.79%)

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Champion Lux has which of these abilities? | (85.29%)

The two greatest rivals are Demacia and Noxus. | (11.76%)

How many champion roles are in the game? | (12.5%)

You can exceed your attack speed limit through which means? | (93.75%)

What is the name of game mode in Howling abyys map? | (96.88%)

Who of these champions can become invisible? | (94.29%)

How many towers are in total on Summoner's Rift map? | (59.38%)

Requiem is which champion's ability? | (100.0%)

Which item grants Stasis? | (0.0%)

How many minutes Dragon needs to respawn after its camp has been cleared? | (75.0%)

Vilemaw is name of: | (91.18%)

Rift Herald does victory dance if he is used when enemy's Nexus is destroyed | (100.0%)

Poison is used by: | (100.0%)

Which item, when charged, gives you bonus range? | (96.88%)

Whose champions ultimate is Unstoppable Force? | (80.56%)

Can summoner spell teleport also be used on objects like Jarvan's flag, Tresh's lantern or Zac's blob? | (97.3%)

Super Minions are spawned when you destroy your enemies? | (96.77%)

Who permanently blinded Lissandra? | (60.0%)

Who is the descendent of Azir? | (77.42%)

Which item grants ghosting? | (90.32%)