Stats: The Ultimate Dead by Daylight Quiz (Part 1)

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Users have answered 812 questions in total, of which 470 questions have been answered correctly. (57.88%)

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Originally, pipping was tied to how many Bloodpoints one achieved in a Trial, what where the thresholds for a Safety, 1 and 2 Pips? | (0%)

What is an internal nickname for David King? | (0%)

David King has two tattoos. What do they portray? | (0%)

Before the rework to her Power, what was a unique thing The Nurse could do? | (0%)

Which Chapter was accompanied by Accordion music? | (0%)

Which two Characters wear a ring on their hand? | (0%)

Created directly from The Fog itself, Iridescent Add-ons are some of the strongest ones. But which ones are made up? | (17.65%)

Who was the unlucky "donor" of The Wraith's weapon? | (94.12%)

The main menu Map featured a dark green colour palette with a graveyard during which Event? | (53.33%)

The Winter Party Starter was first obtainable when? | (68.75%)

What translates to "Fear of Death"? | (81.25%)

What is required for Killers to grab Survivors? | (80.0%)

What is the WIP name of the Hatch? | (93.75%)

"In the shadows they torment, scarring our minds with each scream." - Who said this? | (31.25%)

"These monsters... they adapt! They emerge with strange new abilities." - Who said this? | (44.44%)

"You're doing it wrong! Let me show you how it's done." - Who said this? | (52.63%)

By default: how many Chests spawn on a Map? | (47.06%)

Who are sisters of Michael Myers (Halloween I, II & H20 canon, the one DbD uses) | (23.53%)

Which of these were known WIP Killers? | (18.75%)

Which BHVR employee is both the voice of the Doctor and the face of Jake Park | (47.06%)

What is required for a Killer to be affected by Lightburn? | (66.67%)

To which Sub-Realm does The Entity banish "broken" Survivors? | (33.33%)

For which characters could you obtain cosmetic rewards during the Scorching Summer BBQ Event | (82.35%)

Which Map was the special Day 6 reward of the 1-Year Anniversary? | (56.25%)

What are the Crows called that appear when a Survivor is considered inactive? | (13.33%)

Loud Noise Notifications have a range of... | (12.5%)

Which characters are of Scandinavian descent? | (58.82%)

"Everything that glitters isn't gold. But gold isn't worth a damn in this place, so this should come in handy." - Who said this? | (80.0%)

Which 2 versions of "Shadow Dance" actually exist in-game and can be equipped? | (76.47%)

The Nightmare's Power "Dream Demon" had a WIP name; which one? | (76.47%)

Seb's Dream is an unused Map for which Realm? | (23.53%)

Amongst the following Perks: which ones are unused Perks? | (6.67%)

"I Got You, Son" was the WIP name of which Perk? | (35.29%)

What was a WIP name of Legacy Prestige? | (41.18%)

What is Patch 1.6.2 also called? | (38.89%)

Who is the fastest Killer in the Game not using Add-ons or Perks? | (50.0%)

To which Killer belongs the "Marked Polo Machete"? | (93.75%)

When were Kate Denson's files originally added to the Game? | (12.5%)

What was the name of The Nurse's husband? | (88.89%)

Which Character has the power to bend The Fog's irrefragable rules? | (88.24%)

Which Survivor is Argentinian? | (70.59%)

What did Small Game originally do? | (81.25%)

Which Map was added later on to The MacMillan Estate Realm | (68.75%)

Which Map is not part of the Coldwind Farm Realm? | (88.24%)

Which Realm features a turquoise colour palette? | (60.0%)

What did Tinkerer originally do? | (93.33%)

What is Dwight's signature move? | (100.0%)

Which of the following Perks do not reveal Auras? | (86.67%)

Which Survivor is an energetic athlete? | (100.0%)

What was the effect of the "Windstorm" Add-on Series before Patch 2.2.0? | (93.33%)

Who were stated to be favourite patients of The Nurse? | (31.25%)

What is The Hillbilly's real name? | (76.47%)

What is an internal nickname for The Wraith? | (18.75%)

Which Realms have the internal reference "Suburb"? | (73.33%)

What was the original Gate-opening time in 1.0.0? | (50.0%)

What was the original Repair time for a Generator in 1.0.0? | (18.75%)