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Recent Quizzes

Fallout 4 Quiz

18 questions | English A quiz about some basics, characters, lore and encounters of the original fallout 4 game. Questions here are not too hard, but do you remember all the details?

  • game

Overwatch history 1

20 questions | English Overwatch quiz, how good do you know the history of overwatch? Focusing here on the roots of the story and some heros. Some questions have multiple correct answers. Part 1.

  • game

Overwatch | Who said that?

20 questions | English Quiz questions are about overwatch heros and their phrases. Can you guess which phrase belongs to what hero? This one is easy, but I mixed some hard questions in. This is part 1, will make a second one, which is harder in future.

  • game

Do you know about Turtle Island?

42 questions | English Difficult quiz asking the taker if they know the history, peoples and countries of Turtle Island–the continent often called North America.

  • geography
  • history
  • general knowledge

Very Hard Canadian Geography Quiz

20 questions | English Canadian Geography questions that are more difficult than standard geography quizzes.

  • geography

Final Fantasy 9 quiz

18 questions | English Some general questions about FF9 (focusing on the main story and characters). Hope they are not too specific, people who are fans and haven't played for a long time shall be able to have a great time. Let me know what you think in the comments.

  • game

Recognize the country by shape (easy)

18 questions | English Quiz (easy) about some countries of the world. You see an image of a shape of a country and you need to guess which country it is. Difficulty easy, part 1. Note: Thanks to Régis Freyd for the images:

  • geography

UFC quiz - champions (males)

20 questions | English Quiz about the champions of the UFC (males). Looking here at the good ol' days, as current and recent questions about champions are too easy.

  • sport

Dota 2 Hero Lore 1 (Casual)

20 questions | English A quiz about the background and history of certain heroes from DOTA 2. I tried to make the questions not too hard, so casual players have also a good time. Part 1.

  • game